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The Greek Language School of Wales offers a range of programmes and classes. In the last two weeks of June we hold registration days for Nursery/Reception class and all other A-GCSE classes. Look for announcements for the specific days on the website and our Facebook page.

Enrolment to Nursery: Parents can enrol their children to the nursery if they have turned 4 by September when the school year will start.

Enrolment to A-Class: We enrol children to class A. if they are 6 by September. We recommend that children join A class from the beginning of the school year but please, contact us to discuss any questions about enrolment you may have.

Registration fees: For Nursery/Reception class and all A-GCSE are £300 for the first child, £200 for the second, and free for any additional.

Modern Greek - GCSE and A Level Class: If you would like to request more information about the Modern Greek GCSE and A Level Classes, please contact the Head Teacher at school@gsow.ac.uk.

Greek for Adults classes: We offer Beginners, Improvers, and Intermediate Level Greek adult classes and the fees are £150 for a 10-week course.  The Beginners' course fee includes the textbook. All courses start in the second week of October.

"Svoures" Greek Playgroup: The cost for each session is £5 for the first child and £3 for the second child. You can book and pay for each half-term (typically 7 classes).

All fees are payable to:

Greek Parents and Guardians Association of South Wales Lloyds TSB Bank plc Birchgrove


Branch Sort Code: ​ 30-96-91

Account Number: ​ 02639878

Your Reference: Payer's or student(s)'s Surname​ (For easy identification)

To request more information:

Contact the Headteacher:

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