"Svoures" Greek Playgroup

"Svoures" playgroup is the first Greek playgroup for parents with their children who can join a group and have the opportunity to play, dance, listen to music, and stories.

Our "Svoures" playgroup offers the opportunity for children and their parents to have fun, relax, enjoy music, dance, games, and storytelling but also meet other families with Greek roots so that they stay in touch with Greek culture and language or become introduced to them. We are thrilled to see children who recently came from Greece or Cyprus along with the older generation of immigrants to sing, play, dance, and learn together.

Svoures Greek playgroup is suitable for preschool children between 1.5-4 year old. The cost is £5 for the first child and £3 for the second child. The sessions are currently drop-in so join us at the hall at Greek School Wales every Saturday at 10:30am.