Classes for School-age children (A to Pre GCSE)

Language learning has many benefits, so we encourage families with Greek roots to enrol their children in our school even those who recently came from Greece or Cyprus. The children start to read and write at the age of 6 when they can enrol in Class A. If children do not enrol with us from the beginning we typically assess their knowledge and assign them to a class.


In our school we follow the curriculum developed by the Cyprus Educational Mission for the Greek Language Schools in the UK.

The classes are designed so that children can grow in all 4 language areas reading comprehension, speaking, writing, and listening comprehension. We design our lessons so that the children learn though a variety of methods including: pair work, group discussions, role plays, games, presentations, scenarios and many opportunities for practice.

The groups for these classes are small with children of similar age, which gives the opportunity to the teachers to differentiate and give one-to-one support when needed. The lessons are based on themes and topics that are revisited during a child's years at Greek School. The students after the pre-GCSE class can move on to prepare for the Edexcel GCSE in Modern Greek and can also choose to take the Hellinomatheia exams towards the Certificates of Attainment in Greek issued by the Centre of Greek Language in Greece and approved by the Greek Ministry of Education. 

Sequence of Classes

A, A+, Β, Γ, Δ, Ε, ΣΤ,


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