Nursery and Reception Class

Children aged 4 to 6 years old can register to the nursery/reception class of the Greek school that runs every Saturday 10am-12pm.


The class starts with free play, welcoming the students and encouraging them to socialize. This is followed by carpet time where a specific subject is discussed and the corresponding vocabulary is taught using various materials (e.g. storybooks, flash cards, puppets, videos and pictures) and methods (e.g. reading, role playing, singing, dancing and playing games). The first part ends with a break where children are advised to bring their own snack.

During the second part of the lesson the children work on crafts or/and worksheets related to the vocabulary of the day. Their creations are either kept in a folder which they take home at the end of the term or used to decorate the classroom.

The main focus of the nursery/reception class, as directed by KEA (the Cypriot Educational Mission) is the oral language, the basic everyday vocabulary, which is the foundation for the development of literacy skills and is considered to be a strong indicator of later reading, writing, and overall academic achievement. Other learning goals for our little students is to be able to follow instructions in Greek strengthen the feeling of belonging to a Greek community so that they will enjoy coming to the Greek school to learn and make new friends.