Καλώς ορίσατε στο σχολείο μας,
Welcome to the Greek Language School of Wales (GLSW). We are a supplementary Greek language school situated in the centre of Cardiff at the Greek Cypriot Association of Wales building. The school was officially established in 1984 with a Parents and Guardians Committee (it has a long history of being a community school before this date) with the aim to promote the Greek language, culture and history to the Greeks and Cypriots of diaspora in Wales.
The school works Monday-Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning and afternoon. We offer a variety of programmes including a playgroup, nursery/reception, classes for school-age children, Greek for adults and dance classes for everyone. We believe that learning and developing the Greek language is the most important tool we can offer to our children to become connected with their roots, to get to know their culture, and history and develop their identity.
At Greek Language School of Wales language learning happens in an environment that is positive, playful, collaborative, inclusive and embracing of diversity. In our teaching we focus on comprehensive language learning in all domains: speaking, writing, reading and listening. All our teachers are qualified primary or secondary school teachers from Greece and Cyprus and have experience in teaching Greek as a second language.
We look forward to meeting your family.

Dr Andria Andiliou
Head Teacher

Our Philosophy-Η φιλοσοφία μας

Our philosophy at the Greek Language School of Wales is that language learning is vital for our children. The teacher embraces all the students, differentiates the teaching to meet the student's needs, creates a classroom environment and experiences to help all learners to achieve. Language best develops when children are learning together in a group of children who collaborate, discuss, practice, and create. It can develop through music, art, play, and dance, and that is why we offer extracurricular activities along with the classes so that children become members of the community.

Our History-Η ιστορία μας
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The Greek Language School of Wales was established in 1984 and initially, it provided classes in Cardiff, Barry and Newport. For several years it was hosted in other schools such as the Cathays High School and St Nichola's church hall. In 2009 when the Greek Cypriot Association Building was finished it moved to two classrooms on the first floor. Today we are proud to offer classes Monday-Saturday in a renovated GCAW building at our Greek corner on Greek Church Street.