Meet our Teaching Staff




 Head Teacher

Classes A to GCSE

Andria Andiliou (Άντρια Αντήλιου) is from Cyprus and it is the appointed Head Teacher by the Cyprus Educational Mission since 2015.


Andria has a PhD in Educational Psychology, an MA in Arts Education, and a BA in Primary Education. She has worked in an elementary school in Cyprus and has also trained pre-service teachers in the United States and postgraduate students in the UK,  in foundational teaching methods and child development. 

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Teacher A+, ΣΤ

A Level Modern Greek,

Greek for Adults


Ioanna Kanelaki was born and raised in Greece. She has graduated from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens with a BA in Archaeology and History of Arts. The main focus of her degree was the Pedagogical and Teaching Strategies. She has completed the online course of The Modern World: Global History at the University of Virginia and the Greek and Roman Mythology online course at the University of Pennsylvania. Ioanna has worked as a teacher in Greece for 14 years supporting students’ knowledge and skills development in the Greek Language, Ancient Greek and  Literature.

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Support Class Teacher

Kleito Charitopoulou was born in Thessaloniki and raised in Katerini. She has a BA in Greek Philology from the department of Modern Greek Philology in Ioannina. She supported students in Greece for more than 5 years on all levels of primary and secondary education.


Kleito has been trained by the Hellenic Red Cross as a volunteer nurse and assisted the Red Cross of Alexandria Imathias on many actions. Kleito has completed the Preparing to Teach course at Cardiff and Vale College and studied at the Adult Learning Center how to work with children with Special Educational Needs.

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Maria Liatsopoulou


Maria Liatsopoulou was born and raised in Greece. She has graduated from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens with a BA in German Language and Literature and a MA in Greek-German Relations in Literature, Culture and Arts. She has also completed educational seminars on Special Education, Intercultural Education and Fairy Tales In Education. 

She has worked in Greece as a German teacher and as a Greek teacher for creative leisure activities during summers. Currently, apart from working at the Greek school of Wales, she is also employed at a special education school in Cardiff.

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Dance Teacher

Monica Ioannou Monica Ioannou was born and raised in Cyprus and she is currently a second year student at the University of South Wales studying dance. She worked with children in Cyprus, teaching them dance and rhythmic gymnastics for 6 years during her training.


Monica is currently teaching dance at the Greek School of Wales. 


Meet our School Parents & Guardians Committee


The School Committee of the Greek Language School of Wales supports

the Head-Teacher.

The Committee is responsible for:

a) managing the student registrations,
b) managing the school finances,
c) communicating with the parents and carers,
d) managing the school tenancy at the building,
e) organising fundraising events,
f) assisting with logistics at the school,
g) liaising with the Greek community in Wales.

Our committee is a voluntary group that consists of parents and guardians

from the School and it currently has 8 members:

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Eirini Pasisi



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Dimitris Potoglou



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Konstantinos Grigoratos


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Carl Roberts



Mrs Ersi Xanthouli


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Dr Sofia Gioti


The Head-Teacher represents the teaching staff at the committee meetings. The committee welcomes new members and depends on the support of the parents and guardians. If you wish to contribute to or communicate with the committee, please use the following email address: